Continuous Business Development

Fashion Biz has continued to drive improvements in both its physical operations and IT platforms. Some examples of this are:
  • Full upgrade of IT hardware to include high availability solution. Outcomes include quick recovery from hardware failure, spare capacity for performance increase and expandability, provide business continuity, enterprise class server infrastructure and enterprise class network.
  • Complete paperless order fulfilment solution via the implementation of an automated leading world class Warehouse Management Solution with full integration to ERP.
  • Continue to innovate and expand market range has delivered continued business growth to the group. Drive to introduce new brands, and develop innovative fabric technologies - using new materials such as bamboo charcoal fibre is developing an ever-increasing aware market.
  • Online ordering, designed to streamline our ordering service and improve delivery times, accuracy and tracking.
  • We are also continuing to invest in staff training and equipment for our in-house garment testing facilities (based in Auckland) to better and more personally control our high QC standards.

Sustainability Commitments

  • Embrace innovative management practices to advance our performance and become more efficient and sustainable.
  • Empower all vendors to work within the framework of our Social Code of Conduct.
  • Environmental Management System certified as ISO 14001 compliant.
  • We comply with all legal requirements and as a market leader, also seek to operate a proactive environmental policy.
  • We encourage our manufacturers to, where possible, approach zero emissions and make maximum use of recylcing and energy recovery technologies.
  • We have taken a proactive approach to a sustainable future and invested heavily in solar energy at all our major sites across Australia - another step to make a positive impact.
  • Fashion Biz is continually analysing each phase of its production process to make it more efficient and low-impact.
  • When an organization truly cares about the footprint it will leave on the environment, it must embrace the highest level of environmentally and socially sustainable choices from the top down.


Fashion Biz is committed to conducting its business in accordance with high standard of business ethics and in compliance with all applicable laws. Moreover, Fashion Biz conducts its business with a regard for human rights and seeks vendors share the same standards.

We are and we will be engaging only with business partners who demonstrate a commitment to contribute to the improvement of community working conditions, upholding the standards we believe in:

  • No forced labour.
  • No child labour.
  • Against discrimination.
  • Freedom of association.
  • Compliance with applicable laws regarding wages, benefits and working hours.
  • Compliance with applicable laws governing promotion of humane working conditions, healthy and safe environment.
  • Compliance to applicable environmental laws.

These set forth the basic requirements that all Fashion Biz vendors and their subcontractors must satisfy as a condition of doing business with Fashion Biz.

Download our Fashion Biz Policies and Commitments