Which Sport is Right for My Kids? Team Sports to Try This Year

July 14, 2023


Team sports are a fantastic way to keep kids fit and healthy whilst also teaching them a range of benefits like teamwork and sportsmanship. There are so many different sports out there that it might feel overwhelming to choose one.

If your child is keen to play a team sport but is unsure which one, here is our list of popular and unique team sports.

Benefits of team sports

While health and fitness are one significant benefit of team sports (and sports in general), playing with a group of people has plenty of other benefits.


One of the biggest strengths your child will learn through a team sport is teamwork. All team members have a shared objective, meaning they need to cooperate to reach this goal.


Off the back of teamwork comes communication. Communication skills are crucial when working towards an objective. Talking and listening to teammates will help you reach your shared goal and teach valuable life skills that can be transferred outside of the sport.


It can be daunting starting a team sport for the first time - especially if your child doesn’t know anyone on the team. Not only this, but learning and mastering a new skill can take time. Encouragement and support from parents, coaches, and teammates will help children feel more confident – especially those who are a little shy.


Team sports introduce kids to the feelings of winning and losing. While winning can feel liberating, some kids might not take losing so well. Playing a sport helps children develop a sense of good sportsmanship and how to play fair and accept losing. Learning how to lose from a young age will help kids handle bigger problems more positively in the future.

Most popular team sports

There are so many team sports out there that it may be hard to decide which one is right for your children. We’ve put together a list of Canada’s top team sports for kids to try, including why children love them.


How could we go past soccer (or football)?! One of the most popular team sports in the world, soccer, has been around for longer than we can remember. There are so many benefits to playing this sport. The game facilitates teamwork, fairness, discipline, and other physical benefits. It also promotes muscle strength, flexibility, weight control and cardiovascular sustainability. Your child will also increase foot dexterity, gain balance, and improve cardiovascular sustainability – all from juggling the ball!

While it’s massive in some parts of the world, it’s still slowly gaining traffic with Canadian kids (making it a great time to register!)

Hockey (Ice and Field)

Ice hockey is Canada’s most popular team sport. It’s often referred to as Canada’s ‘unofficial’ national sport, as many Canadian kids are brought up playing. Although it’s technically part of the hockey family, there are quite a few differences between ice hockey and field hockey. Field hockey is one Canadian sport that is often played at schools and introduces children to the game.


Another popular sport amongst people of all ages is basketball. This sport has been largely growing thanks to the NBA team, the Toronto Raptors. This is a beloved sport worldwide and is easy to practice, thanks to outdoor basketball courts found in most local communities. Basketball teaches your child to control their body through both defence and offence. Making quick passes improves their thinking and reflexes, and dribbling the ball teaches hand-eye coordination. The sport also improves muscle strength and develops agility.


Although it’s more popular in the United States, baseball is one team sport that Canadian kids love. Learning how to pitch, swing a bat, and catch are all fine motor skills that are highly beneficial to kids. Not to mention the buzz of making a home run!


Volleyball is a great option for those who want to play a team sport but don’t want to play a contact sport. Despite being a popular team sport choice, it doesn’t often attract media attention like basketball, baseball, hockey, or football. It’s a sport that has a large emphasis on communication, as team members need to be talking and instructing others constantly.


This full-contact sport originated among Aboriginal tribes in North America centuries ago. It’s a fast-paced team sport and takes elements from field hockey, ice hockey, and soccer into the game. The three variations are field lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, and box lacrosse.

Unique team sports

If your child prefers a sport that’s a little more outside the box than the typical cookie-cutter team sports, plenty are out there! Here are a few of our favourites.


Calling all Harry Potter fans – this is not a drill! Quidditch is now a legitimate sport played around the world. There are even ‘Kidditch’ teams for younger kids! Although the broomsticks don’t fly (we’re as disappointed as you about this!), this game requires a lot of fitness and agility – especially trying to master the skills with a broom between your legs.


Futsal is one team sport that has been growing in popularity. This is a form of soccer where teams of five face off on a small, hard-surfaced, often indoor court (such as a handball court). The ball used is a smaller, less bouncy ball than a traditional soccer ball. This fast-paced non-contact game is great for those who love a quicker game.

Water Polo

This is one sport you don’t usually see until the Olympics. It’s a great option for kids who love the water but want something more than lap swimming. This watery mash-up of soccer volleyball forces players to work as a team to score goals. It’s a great workout, too, as players must tread water for the whole match, never touching the bottom or sides of the pool.

Team sports are a great way for kids to learn skills such as teamwork, confidence, and sportsmanship. Choosing which sport is right for your child may be overwhelming as there are so many to choose from. Don’t limit them to one though – try out a few different ones to see which they like the best. Once you’ve found their calling, head to your closest Fashion Biz Canada distributor for all their uniform needs.